About Us

At Magna Canvas, we believe in the healing power of art for both the body and soul. While offering a unique selection of affordable canvas art prints, rooted in wellness, conscious living and more, we give back to mother earth by planting trees with every purchase.

Our inspiration comes from our desire to bring joy into the homes of people everywhere, combining the therapeutic properties of art with a sustainable mission to truly have an impact on day-to-day living. With Magna Canvas, we introduce more art into your home to not only create a new look, but to create a new feel.

Art For The Soul

Our home is intertwined with our lives now more than ever. The things around us influence the way we’re feeling and holds space for our mood and emotions. Born out of the Covid-19 pandemic, we aim to help you create a feeling of comfort and joy starting with affordable canvas prints from new and established artists, a trusted network of print partners and ending with our loyal customers.

As we stay true to the words of Pablo Picasso - “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life” - we’re home to art that lifts your mood, that inspires the look of a room and that reconnects people to the best of memories. 

Giving Back To Mother Earth

We are an art brand with a sustainable mission to use the power of art to heal both the soul and the planet. As a way to give back to mother earth for the inspiration she provides to all and especially artists, we donate 5% of every purchase to trees.org.

As art continues to be more important than ever, so will our commitment to people, product and planet.