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There is no particular set of rules to follow when choosing art for your bedroom. As always, your wall art should complement a room's existing style and help set the desired atmosphere. An essential step in deciding how to decorate your bedroom walls is to focus on the mood you wish to achieve. Once you have selected your artwork(s), then comes deciding where to hang them. 

Passionate Floral 

Arguably the most popular choice of décor for the bedroom is something that emulates love and inspires intimacy. As predictable as this may be, artworks featuring deep hues of red and purple are an excellent choice due to their ability to exude warmth and excitement. Floral imagery will instantly add a touch of romance. Several flowers symbolise love; the universal favourite, of course, is the red rose. Opt for carnations or peonies, which are a subtler representation of romantic affection for something less contrived. To maintain the spirit of love, travel down the colour spectrum and elect for an artwork featuring tactile pink. Softer and less confronting, pinks and nudes will create an air of restful romance. 

A Sea of Calm 

In the article on how art can transform your home, we discuss the sensations conjured by colours. Blue is stress-relieving and encourages relaxation, making a seascape or abstract blue medley the perfect boudoir choice. The bedroom is the place we retreat to when we need to feel safe, comforted and calm. Ocean blues and endless skies will both emit and reflect restful energy. You can almost hear the meditative crash of the waves in this print and imagine falling soundly asleep. 

Figurative and Nude Art 

For unquestionable impact, consider a figurative or nude artwork. The delicate lines and imagery of the female form will instantly create a sense of elegant dynamism and movement. Art has an incomparable ability to express the inherent beauty of the human physique. When used well, nude artworks are alluring and sophisticated and will inject an air of refined class into your abode. There are many options for figurative décor. If a full nude is too direct, then experiment with a more modest silhouette or line drawing. An eye-catching combination of realism and abstraction, figurative art will have a significant impact on the style and structure of your bedroom. 

Inspired by Nature 

Artworks inspired by nature are fantastic additions to the home and bedroom. The organic colours of earth and sky are very grounding, and scenic images can help us slip into a relaxing sleep. Research proves that nature and natural imagery can positively impact our mindset and allegedly improve our mood. Therefore, looking at artworks of mountains, oceans and lakes before bed may help provide a restorative night's sleep. Additionally, without a sea view outside the window, waking up to a serene artwork is a great way to begin the day feeling calm and lightly energised. 

Achromatic Aesthetic 

The beauty of achromatic artworks is their ability to make a statement without wholeheartedly committing to a décor style or colour scheme. Using prints that focus on form rather than bright colours means that you can decorate around the artwork rather than with – allowing for future changes to the room. Practically, the bedroom is where we spend the beginning and end of the day. Black and white artworks can help illustrate this concept and play off the Chinese philosophy of Yin / Yang. This ancient concept theorises the beauty that comes from inseparable yet contradictory forces working in tandem. As such, black and white artworks can perceptibly symbolise the bedroom's dual functionality and the cycle of sleeping and waking. 

Mindful Neutrals 

Whilst colourful and figurative artworks may benefit, there is nothing more relaxing than earthy neutrals and organic abstract forms. When it comes to the bedroom, sometimes less is more. Bold forms, colours and scenery are all active elements to incite a particular emotion, whereas neutral tones do not expect or cast out strong feelings. Neutrals are particularly useful for the bedroom as they can help in an almost meditative sense. Earthy tones, creams and beige help ease and empty the mind of racing thoughts – leaving us to exist peacefully in our present. 

Now, Where Shall I Hang My Art?

A popular place to hang artworks is above the bed, but there are a few notes to consider before doing so. Firstly, take account of when you would like to see the picture most – is it first thing in the morning or as you jump into bed at night? Place artworks that make you feel relaxed, comfortable and peaceful above and to the side of the headboard. Ensure to be wary of the artwork's size and positioning. Feng shui experts note that you must avoid placing heavy objects above your head. Doing so will manifest a negative energy flow due to the risk of injury whilst you sleep. 

Another preferred place to hang your décor is opposite the bed. For this space, make sure the image you choose is energising and inspires you to leap out of bed in the morning. Your choice could include a favourite painting, photographs of loved ones, or even a motivational message. Find out what works best to focus your mind and encourage you to seize the day. 

Remember, your personal preference comes above all the endless choices of colours, subjects, forms, imagery, and artwork placement. What matters most is shaping the space in a way that reflects your personality and enhances your enjoyment of the daily routine.