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More people work at home than ever before, yet the office is still frequently overlooked when it comes to decor. Having art in our office can have a big impact not just on the way it looks but also on the way we work. In fact, some research has shown that for most people, having art in their workspace makes them feel happier, while other studies have suggested it could increase our productivity. So if you’ve been considering giving your home office a makeover, it’s high time you did.

Here are our top tips for how to pick the right artwork for your office.

Setting The Mood

The mood that office artwork evokes tends to fall into two categories. There’s a simple, minimalist look that creates a sense of order and calm. Or there’s a colourful mix of styles that inspires creativity and brings energy to the room. What kind of mood you want your office artwork to convey will depend on both your personal tastes and the type of work you do.

If you are in an analytical or high-pressure role, you might prefer art that has a more tranquil feel, like landscapes or some scenic photography. If your job is creative, then bold abstract pieces or graphic modern art could be a better fit.

It’s important that whatever you choose appeals to your personal tastes rather than just an aspirational mood that you want to achieve. You will likely spend the best part of your day sitting in your office, so you need to choose pieces you enjoy and that you won’t get bored of in a hurry.

Take a look at the different options and spend some time thinking about how different kinds of art make you feel. A black-and-white beach scene might be soothing for one person but bland and uninspiring for the next. Take your time considering your choices for that extra peace of mind before you take the plunge.

Black & Gold Woman

Choosing The Right Colours

Colour can have a profound effect on our mood, and even on our stress levels and productivity. With the potential to directly impact your work performance, your choice of colour is so important when choosing pieces for your office. Again, this will depend on the nature of your work.

Here are a few different colours and the kind of effect they can have, so you can decide which will work best for you.

  • Blue - Ever wondered why sites like Facebook and Twitter use blue logos? It’s because blue stimulates the mind, helping to keep us on the apps for longer. In a work setting, blue is great for increasing productivity and focus, particularly if you often work on repetitive tasks.
  • Red- This bold hue has an inherent sense of urgency, making it a common feature in fast-paced environments and physical jobs. It may not be the best choice for most home offices, but can be highly effective in places like gyms and kitchens.
  • Yellow -It’s no surprise that this joyful colour can help evoke feelings of happiness and can also boost creativity. However, too much yellow can be a strain on the eyes, so use it for your artwork sparingly.
  • Green- This natural colour is all about balance and calm, and as a result can have a soothing effect when used in the office. It can help to relax you both mentally and physically, and can even alleviate feelings of anxiety. So even if you don’t opt for some green-toned artwork for your home office, it’s not a bad idea to introduce some leafy plants to your decor!

It’s also important to think of colour in terms of how it will work with your existing decor. Unless you are doing a complete office overhaul, you want to think about what colours are already present in your office. It’s a good idea to find a piece that shares at least one other tone in the room. This will stop it from disrupting the balance of the space and demanding too much attention. If in doubt, neutral-toned pieces work well in every interior.

Lone Tree I

Where Should You Place Art

Hanging artwork on the wall behind your computer puts it in a prime position for you to admire at any time of the day, whether it’s in a quiet moment or when you’re in need of some inspiration. If you would like to display smaller pieces, a floating shelf can be a great way to display artwork alongside other decorative items. This also gives you great flexibility for swapping out artwork for newer pieces when the mood strikes.

If you work from home but don’t have a separate office space, art can even be used to section off a room, signifying where your workspace begins and ends.

By having a dedicated office area, you will be able to better switch off at the end of the day and prevent your work life from taking over your personal time. A large scale artwork or a gallery wall are both great ways to do this.


Love Is The Answer


We hope that we have given you some food for thought on choosing the right artwork for your office. As a room that gets almost everyday use, it’s well worth putting in the time to make your office a space that you love. Art can be the finishing touch to any interior, expressing your personal taste and style, tying elements of the room together and, as we’ve discussed, even impacting your mood and productivity.

At Magna Canvas, we have a wide range of art to suit any work environment, whether you’re looking for something to ignite your creative spark or help you focus on the day ahead. Take a look at our extensive collection and follow us over on Facebook or Instagram to keep up to date on our latest pieces and artist collaborations.

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